Bold Precious Metals Review 2023: Scam Risk or Safe?

Have you ever thought about what lies at the core of the world of precious metals? It’s a domain where being bold and genuine holds great importance, and that’s what Bold Precious Metals represents.

A trusted figure in the precious metals industry, this family-owned venture has a rare blend of passion and experience. From just a simple hobby from an avid coin collector, it burgeoned into a formidable business, gaining recognition with over three decades of service.

Navigating the world of silver coins, gold bars, and other physical precious metals can be daunting, and that’s why we’ve done our homework for you.

This Bold Precious Metals review aims to dissect all that the firm has to offer. We’ll delve into its services, customer experiences, and the unique value that sets it apart from other companies.

Keep on reading as we unravel Bold Precious Metals’ fascinating story. Moreover, we leave no stone unturned in our review, from its promising silver bullion and gold coins offerings to its dedicated customer service and fast shipping processes.

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The Background of Bold Precious Metals

Background of Bold Precious Metals

What makes Bold Precious Metals stand out in the busy world of precious metals? Well, we can trace its foundation back to a family heritage deeply rooted in genuine admiration for the artistic and historical significance of coins.

Initially a hobby and an educational tool for children to learn about diverse cultures, it soon evolved into a recognized, family-operated business.

This appreciation extends to the core philosophy of Bold Precious Metals, viewing each precious metal and coin as a unique piece of art with inherent value.

The company’s mission has not been to simply amass wealth but to cultivate an educated clientele that shares this perspective, and in the process, it has established robust relationships with top-tier suppliers globally.

Intriguingly, the Bold Precious Metals website reveals an impressive inventory, ranging from gold coins to silver bullion products and much more.

While its comprehensive offerings cater to various investment needs, some of its products may not be eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA, yet its authenticity remains unblemished.

Furthermore, the family’s diverse background in technology, finance, and engineering enriches the business, while their commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality is evident.

Bold Precious Metals isn’t about aggressive selling; it’s about fostering informed decisions and lasting relationships.

Delving into the Bold Precious Metals Website Experience

Bold Precious Metals’ website proves to be more than an online presence.

Its smooth and intuitive platform allows experienced collectors and novices to quickly locate and select desired items, from gold coins to silver products, offering a huge selection from various categories.

Global Reach and Estimated Shipping

Not only does Bold Precious Metals showcase items from across the world, but it also provides users with estimated shipping dates for its new items. However, these timelines are estimates and not confirmed delivery dates.

Savings and Educational Resources

In addition to potential savings on bulk purchases, the website serves as an informative resource, going beyond mere selling. 

With clear distinctions between rounds and coins, it transforms into a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in the precious metals journey.

Bold Precious Metals Website Experience

Embracing a Vision of Investing and Safeguarding Assets

The company doesn’t just sell precious metals; it stands behind a conviction. It holds a philosophy that all non-metal currency systems might eventually meet their downfall. This is because these systems rely on entities that are not permanent, such as governments.

Bold Precious Metals perceives investing in gold and other precious metals as a shield, safeguarding your assets from potential manipulation by less ethical individuals.

Furthermore, the belief in precious metals as a long-term investment strategy also forms part of the company’s philosophy. Clients shouldn’t expect quick profits but consider it as a protection for their future, maybe 30 years down the line.

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Nevertheless, if emergencies arise, Bold Precious Metals stands ready to buy back the items at the current market price. It accommodates those clients who need to sell before their intended time.

Seamless Shipping Process at Bold Precious Metals

When you make a purchase from Bold Precious Metals, the company ensures a hassle-free shipping experience. Therefore, for domestic orders worth $200 or more, which includes coins and bullion but excludes merchandise items, shipping is free of charge.

If your order amount is below this limit, a shipping fee of $6 will apply. However, if you’re in a rush to receive your precious metals, you can choose expedited shipping for an additional $7.

Shipping Security

Ensuring the security of your orders is extremely important. Suppose your order amounts to $760 or more. Then you will need to sign for it upon delivery. Though, keep in mind that if your order is less than $760, you can add signature confirmation for a small fee of $3. 

This extra step helps safeguard your delivery from potential loss or theft. It’s essential to note that, according to USPS regulations, you must be at least 21 years old to sign for the package.

Shipping Insurance

Another feather in the cap for Bold Precious Metals is its shipping insurance. All packages are delivered fully insured, offering customers an added layer of confidence. 

If your package is lost or damaged during transit, don’t worry! You are covered. Buyers like you can choose between receiving a full refund equivalent to the purchase price or having replacement items sent to you.

However, this insurance only lasts until the delivery is confirmed or a signature is obtained. After that, the coverage ceases.

Future Storage Solutions

While it’s true that currently, Bold Precious Metals doesn’t offer a precious metals IRA or a storage option for these valuable items, change is in the air.

According to information on the company’s website, plans are underway to introduce a precious metals IRA and secure depository service in the future.

While it’s yet to clarify whether it will act as a custodian for your precious metals IRA, build a depository, or provide access to an existing one, these exciting developments are reason enough to keep an eye on the company’s announcements.

It is important to mention that bullion or “coins as bullion” cannot be stored in your home, which sets them apart from rare collectible coins. Currently, Bold Precious Metals does not offer collectible coins, and the website remains silent about future plans in this area.

Simple and Fair Pricing and Payment Options

There’s good news when it comes to pricing too. Bold Precious Metals is known for its fair and transparent pricing, based on spot prices for precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver.

Prices for similar products may vary due to factors such as mintage, demand, design, or origin of the mint. However, rest assured that the company’s reputation for the best online prices remains intact.

Even better, the company does not charge sales tax on numismatic or bullion products in any state, which is an added boon for potential clients. Also, please note that this exception does not extend to other product categories for Texas residents.

When it comes to payment, Bold Precious Metals gives you flexibility. You can choose to pay by bank cards, checks, or PayPal.

Therefore, whether you’re looking to expand your precious metal collection or seeking the best prices for your investment, Bold Precious Metals makes the process hassle-free.

Bold Precious Metals' Diverse Product Line

Bold Precious Metals Products

The company proudly offers an impressive range of precious metal products. Every product that it hosts is authentic, providing customers with peace of mind when they make their purchases.

Moreover, the platform’s easy-to-use interface ensures a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience. Simply select your desired product, decide on the quantity, and proceed to payment.

Shimmering Gold Collection

Gold coins make up a substantial portion of the company’s inventory. Investing in gold is not only a time-honored tradition but also a smart way to secure your financial future. Here’s a brief overview of the gold coin categories available:

  • United States Mint

  • Royal Canadian Mint

  • Perth Mint

  • British Royal Mint

  • Chinese Mint

  • Graded Gold Coins, and

  • Gold Bars and Rounds

After selecting a product, you will be redirected to a new page displaying its description, specifications, and current face value. It’s a hassle-free purchasing procedure similar to other precious metals dealers.

Sterling Silver Selection

Silver products occupy the lion’s share of Bold Precious Metals’ inventory. Buyers can follow the same straightforward purchasing process to secure silver metals. Here are the silver categories:

  • United States Mint,

  • Royal Canadian Mint

  • Perth Mint

  • British Royal Mint

  • Chinese Mint

  • Austrian Mint,

  • Scottsdale Mint

  • Texas Mint, and

  • Graded Silver Coins

Please note that not all silver and gold coins are IRA-approved, meaning that you can’t use them as assets for an IRA. Always be vigilant to avoid scams, particularly if you plan to use your purchased precious metals as part of an IRA.

Platinum and Palladium

If you are interested in platinum and palladium for collecting or investing purposes, Bold Precious Metals offers a smaller range of options to choose from, including:

  • United States Mint

  • Royal Canadian Mint

  • Perth Mint

  • PGM Bars and Rounds

Due to high demand, these precious metal options often sell out quickly, making them highly prized when restocked.

Beyond Precious Metals

Bold Precious Metals distinguishes itself by offering more than just precious metals. It also caters to those looking for related items and memorabilia. These include:

  • Supplies – Display boxes, dollar cases, and ring capsules

  • Jewelry – Rings, necklaces, and bracelets

  • Movie Themes – Coins and memorabilia from popular movies

  • Merchandise and Clad Coins

The company truly offers a broad range of products that cater to the needs of every precious metal enthusiast. Make sure to keep an eye out for their offerings and updates to enjoy a delightful shopping experience.

Selling Your Precious Assets

If you have a collection of precious metals such as silver, platinum, or gold stored away, Bold Precious Metals can assist you in simplifying the process of selling them. All you need to do is contact it through its provided form, and you can expect a response within one business day.

Once the company has evaluated what you’re proposing to sell, it offers an honest and fair quote for your valuable items. However, that’s not the end of it.

The cash quote provided by Bold doesn’t necessarily have to mean parting with your precious metals for good. You could easily convert that quote into store credit and find something fresh and exciting from its extensive collection.

This feature improves the versatility of your investment, and you might just discover a new treasure in the process. Remember, your asset’s worth is not just in its spot price but in the opportunities it can unlock for you in the future.

Bold Precious Metals Customer Feedback

It’s common for businesses to make grand claims about their services. However, the real measure of a company’s reputation lies in its customer reviews. By taking a closer look at the reviews of Bold Precious Metals, we can get a clear idea of how well it’s doing.

The BBB and Bold Precious Metals

This company is not just an ordinary player in the industry. It has consistently maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since its accreditation six years ago.

A total of 14 complaints have been registered in the last three years, with eight of those complaints occurring within the past year.

Responding in a timely manner, Bold Precious Metals has demonstrated remarkable professionalism and dedication toward resolving these complaints. 

Bold Precious Metals demonstrates its commitment to customer service by engaging respectfully with dissatisfied customers and handling their concerns with the same patience and understanding one would show when addressing a child’s tantrum over a desired treat.

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Fixing Errors the Right Way

The company makes its policies and terms crystal clear on its website for customers to peruse. In cases where errors, whether caused by computers or humans, have occurred, the firm has taken the initiative to rectify them by providing small discounts or gifts as a gesture of goodwill.

However, it’s worth noting that while a $10 discount might seem like a small concession on purchases amounting to thousands, it’s the company’s acknowledgment of the error and attempt to make amends that counts.

A Mixed Bag of Online Bold Precious Metals Reviews

Bold Precious Metals has a mixed track record in the realm of online reviews. Trustpilot showcases several negative reviews, with most of them accusing the company of “bad business practices.” 

Often, these issues stem from customers failing to thoroughly read the company’s terms and conditions or neglecting to compare the different prices for cash, credit card, and PayPal payments.

As is typical with online platforms, you’ll find many extremely positive and outright negative comments about Bold Precious Metals. However, make sure to focus on detailed reviews that provide balanced insights into the company’s performance for an unbiased perspective.

Finally, the company scores a 3.5 rating on Trustpilot and an impressive 4.4 on Facebook, suggesting general satisfaction among its clientele. Also, we could not find any reviews on platforms such as Business Consumer Alliance, Trustlink, or Yelp.

Customer Service: A Key Strength in Bold Precious Metals Reviews

These Bold Precious Metals reviews paint a picture of a company that values its clients and strives to resolve issues proactively.

This level of dedication to customer satisfaction is essential for customers looking to make an informed decision on their precious metals purchase.

By delving into these reviews, it becomes evident that numerous customers have positively rated their experiences after they contacted customer service.

On the other hand, don’t let a few fake reviews sway your decision. Most customers praise the efficient post office deliveries of its IRA-approved assets.

Final Thoughts

Bold’s dedication to customer service becomes evident through positive reviews when exploring the realm of precious metals. From timely updates on the estimated shipping date to an exact tracking number, it ensures a smooth buying experience for everyone.

Also, Bold Precious Metals provides a selection of Scottsdale mint products that are approved for a self-directed IRA, making it easier for individuals seeking portfolio diversification. In addition, its storage service is designed to meet the specific needs of investors.

However, it is important for potential customers to exercise caution regarding fake reviews and conduct comprehensive research to make informed decisions and save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

With its strong BBB rating, it’s clear that Bold Precious Metals is making its mark in this industry.

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