APMEX VS JM Bullion: Which Precious Metal Dealer is Better?

You’re considering becoming involved in the realm of precious metal investing, I take it? I’ve been there too, weighing the pros and cons of different platforms. One comparison that’s been on my radar is APMEX versus JM Bullion. It’s like choosing between two exciting paths in a shiny forest of silver and gold. APMEX, the seasoned player with over 20 years of experience, has that classic charm. On the flip side, we’ve got JM Bullion, the new kid on the block, but boy, have they made a splash with their competitive prices. In this showdown, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty – fees, product range, and overall vibe – to help you make an informed choice. So, grab your popcorn, because we’re about to unravel the APMEX vs. JM Bullion saga!

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Short Comparison Between the Two

When it comes to choosing between JM Bullion and APMEX, different factors may tilt the scales in favor of one over the other. Let’s break down the areas where each shines:

JM Bullion is an excellent choice for:

United States-based buyers: If you’re situated in the United States, JM Bullion can be particularly appealing due to its focus on catering to domestic customers.

Selling precious metals for low prices: If you’re keen on securing silver coins or other precious metals at competitive rates, JM Bullion might have the edge with its cost-effective pricing.

Broad customer satisfaction: With a strong reputation and BBB accreditation, JM Bullion stands as a reputable dealer that has garnered positive feedback from a substantial customer base.

On the flip side, APMEX holds its ground for:

Global buyers: If you’re an international investor, APMEX’s widespread reach and global presence can offer you a seamless experience in acquiring precious metals.

Purchasing collectible coins: APMEX has a substantial selection of collectible coins, rare coins making it a top destination for buyers looking for one-of-a-kind and rare additions to their collections.

Finding a wide variety of products: If diversity in product offerings is high on your priority list, APMEX’s extensive range of options spans beyond bullion to cater to a wide spectrum of preferences.

The decision between these two precious metal dealers ultimately comes down to your personal requirements, geographic region, and investing choices. Your choice of platform will be determined by how closely these features match your objectives.

The optimal online dealer choice hinges on your unique requirements. While certain individuals might prioritize an extensive array of products, others could be on the hunt for the most budget-friendly options.

Key Aspect 1: Range of Precious Metals Offered

Our initial focus revolves around the spectrum of precious metal assets presented by both platforms. Each platform caters to a diverse array, encompassing physical gold in the form of coins and bars, silver bullion, platinum, copper, palladium, gold and silver loans, and even gold IRAs – harmonizing in their commitment to comprehensive offerings.

Conveniently, both websites prominently display gold and silver prices, enabling seamless price comparison while exploring gold coins and bars.

APMEX Demonstrates a Marginally Broader Selection

Notably, APMEX, or American Precious Metals Exchange boasts a slightly wider array of gold coins, offering an impressive selection of 411 products compared to JM Bullion’s 385.

Considerations of Spot Price and Global Reach

In the precious metals industry spot prices, JM Bullion often stands out for its generally more budget-friendly rates. By expanding its services to a larger worldwide market, APMEX assumes the top position on the international scene.

JM Bullion: Diverse Precious Metals Array

This precious metals dealer derives satisfaction from its extensive assortment of precious metals, meticulously curated to cater to the distinctive requirements of investors and collectors alike. This assemblage encompasses a diverse array of offerings crafted from gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper, sourced from esteemed mints spanning the global landscape.

The range includes sovereign coins from countries like Australia, Austria, and South Africa as well as investment-grade bullion like the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and American Silver Eagle.

For those drawn to bars and rounds, JM Bullion’s collection spans a spectrum of sizes, ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. These offerings hail from trusted private mints such as PAMP Suisse, Engelhard, and Johnson Matthey.

Catering to collectors, JM Bullion extends an array of limited-edition and collectible pieces, inclusive of numismatic coins, proof coins, and colorized coins.


This online gold dealer presents a product lineup that not only parallels but also, in certain facets, surpasses that of JM Bullion.

Mirroring JM Bullion’s approach, APMEX showcases a diversified array of physical bullion options encompassing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and even rarer metals like rhodium.

Within their product repertoire, coins, bars, and rounds originating from globally renowned mints, such as the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Perth Mint, feature prominently.

APMEX’s portfolio of investment-grade bullion corresponds to JM Bullion’s offerings, incorporating popular coins like the American Gold Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Yet, APMEX distinguishes itself with an expansive collection of international coins, encompassing selections from virtually every minting nation.

This quality renders APMEX an exceedingly diverse marketplace, particularly appealing to investors seeking geographical breadth in their bullion coin acquisitions.

In the domain of gold and silver bars and rounds, APMEX further exhibits a broad spectrum of sizes, ranging from a gram to a kilogram. These selections hail from esteemed private mints. Nonetheless, APMEX truly excels in its curation of rare and elusive treasures. For those collectors and investors seeking an inclination toward exceptional pieces, APMEX’s array is abundant and opulent, encompassing vintage coins, scarce editions, and discontinued series.

Of notable significance is APMEX’s presentation of exclusive series and collections. For instance, the Lunar Series coins, a unique offering not readily accessible through other dealers like JM Bullion, underscores APMEX’s commitment to exclusivity. This facet solidifies APMEX’s position as a premier destination for collectors pursuing singular and limited-edition pieces.

Aspect 2: Shipping & Storage Considerations

After comparing the product selections of each dealer, it’s essential to look at the purchasing procedure as well as the available shipping and storage options.

Convenient Shipping Offerings from APMEX and JM Bullion

Both APMEX and JM Bullion extend a common convenience: complimentary shipping for orders surpassing the $199 threshold. It’s worth noting, however, that APMEX levies a shipping fee of $9.95 for orders falling below this benchmark. A standout difference emerges as APMEX embraces select international shipping alternatives, a feature not matched by JM Bullion.

Exploring Storage Dynamics

JM Bullion upholds transparency by not disclosing particular storage costs, but its history of outstanding customer service supports its standing in the field of shipping and storage options. The company’s standard shipping fee amounts to $9.95, encompassing comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard your order during transit.

For those inclined toward the convenience of home delivery, JM Bullion accommodates this preference. Meanwhile, investors seeking a hands-off storage approach can rely on JM Bullion’s secure storage options. It’s noteworthy that, though specific storage fees are not disclosed, the first six months of storage are offered free of charge for assets exceeding $3,000 in value.

The utilization of Transcontinental Depository Services by JM Bullion underscores its commitment to secure storage.


Orders valued at less than $199 will incur $9.95 in shipping fees. Orders exceeding this amount will qualify for free shipping. Both options qualify for insured shipping. This insurance policy will protect your precious metals through their journey. However, you will need to sign for your package.

Through a collaboration with Citadel Global Depository Services, Inc., a fully-owned subsidiary of APMEX, APMEX provides its customers with secure storage solutions. Citadel is known for providing safe, fully insured storage for precious metal investments, and its services come with the advantage of remarkably low annual storage fees.

Compared to competitors, Citadel’s storage costs are significantly lower – nearly one-third of the cost charged by some other depositories. Interestingly, unlike some storage providers who charge higher fees for silver products, Citadel maintains a consistent fee structure irrespective of the type of precious metal stored.

Transparency is a key feature of Citadel’s service. They provide clear and published pricing for their storage fees. For non-IRA precious metal product storage, the fees are determined based on the total value of the portfolio.

For instance, a portfolio value of up to $32,727 incurs a storage fee of 0.55%, amounting to a minimum of $15 per month, billed quarterly. As the portfolio value increases, the storage rate decreases, with portfolios over $10,000,000 enjoying a storage rate of just 0.45%.

To further enhance the customer experience, APMEX’s website features an easy-to-use slider tool that allows you to calculate your exact storage cost based on your portfolio amount. This simplifies the process of understanding your storage costs, making budgeting and planning more straightforward.

APMEX lets you choose your preferred payment method from six different options: wire transfer, credit or debit card, paper check, eCheck, PayPal, or one of the supported cryptocurrencies.

Aspect 3: Additional Offerings Explored

Let’s cap off our exploration by delving into the supplemental services extended by each dealer.

APMEX: A Slightly Wider Array of Services

APMEX garners recognition for its marginally broader spectrum of service offerings, encompassing a variety of intriguing facets that set it apart.

Distinctive Services from JM Bullion

JM Bullion asserts its uniqueness by presenting collateral loans, a service absent from APMEX’s portfolio. This avenue provides a financial recourse that sets JM Bullion apart.

APMEX’s Innovative Features

A standout feature within APMEX’s offerings is its “AutoInvest” feature, offering investors the potential to infuse automation into their precious metals investments. By streamlining purchases based on a customized schedule, this function harnesses the power of dollar cost averaging (DCA).

Enhancing the customer experience, both platforms furnish live pricing charts of the ever-fluctuating precious metals market. This real-time data empowers investors with informed decision-making capabilities.

The Common Ground: IRA Services

Both APMEX and JM Bullion converge on the provision of IRA services, catering to those interested in integrating their precious metals investments into their retirement strategies.

JM Bullion: Selling and Financing Flexibility

If you opt to part ways with your precious metals, JM Bullion extends a buyback program. While prices vary, you can secure an offer by engaging in a conversation with the company over the phone.

Further augmenting their range of services, JM Bullion facilitates the creation of an IRA using your precious metals. This innovative loan program, powered by CFC, enables investors to tap into the equity accrued within their precious metals portfolio.

APMEX: Innovative Tools and Leverage

APMEX takes innovation a step further with “The Bullion Card,” a unique credit card entailing 4% cash back on all APMEX purchases. Additionally, the platform caters to those seeking automated investments through its “AutoInvest” program, strategically capitalizing on the benefits of dollar cost averaging (DCA).

Pros and Cons

The choice between JM Bullion and APMEX depends on your individual preferences, location, investment goals, and the specific features that align with your needs. Consider these pros and cons carefully to make the best decision for your precious metals investment journey.

JM Bullion


Competitive Pricing: JM Bullion is known for its generally lower spot prices, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious investors.

Transparent Storage: The platform offers secure storage options, providing the first six months of storage for free for assets exceeding $3,000 in value.

Customer Service: JM Bullion has a strong reputation for exceptional customer service, backed by numerous positive customer reviews.

Diverse Product Selection: The platform offers a wide range of precious metals products, catering to both investors and collectors.

Collateral Loans: JM Bullion provides the unique feature of collateral loans, allowing investors to access equity in their precious metals portfolio.


Limited International Shipping: JM Bullion does not offer the same international shipping options as APMEX, which may be a drawback for global buyers.

Undisclosed Storage Fees: While the first six months of storage are free, specific storage fees for subsequent periods are not disclosed.



Global Reach: APMEX provides international shipping options, making it a suitable choice for buyers outside of the United States.

Diverse Product Range: APMEX offers an expansive array of precious metals products, including a wide selection of international coins.

Secure Storage Partnership: APMEX partners with Citadel Global Depository Services, offering secure storage options with transparent and comparatively low storage fees.

Innovative Tools: APMEX provides tools like Portfolio Management and the Bullion Card, enhancing the investor experience.

AutoInvest Feature: APMEX’s AutoInvest program enables investors to automate their precious metals purchases.


Shipping Fees for Lower Orders: Orders valued at less than $199 incur a $9.95 shipping fee, whereas JM Bullion offers free shipping for orders over $199.

Slightly Higher Prices: APMEX’s prices may be slightly higher than JM Bullion’s in some cases.

Limited Collateral Loan and Storage Details: Unlike JM Bullion, APMEX does not offer collateral loans, and precise storage fees for subsequent periods are not readily available.

Comparing JM Bullion and APMEX – Concluding Remarks

Navigating the choice between JM Bullion and APMEX boils down to your unique role as an investor or collector. Both entities deliver a comprehensive range of products and services meticulously tailored to cater to the diverse landscape of their clientele, fortified by their solid standing in the industry.

For those in pursuit of a comprehensive selection of precious metals, both platforms extend a wealth of options. However, if your interest gravitates toward the realm of unique, rare, or elusive pieces, APMEX’s array might hold a slight advantage. Noteworthy is APMEX’s strategic alliance with Citadel Global Depository Services, which facilitates secure, cost-efficient storage – an asset particularly pertinent to investors managing sizable portfolios.

Further enhancing APMEX’s appeal, the AutoInvest feature and The Bullion Card can beckon those inclined toward maximizing their investment efficacy.

In contrast, JM Bullion could emerge as a prime contender if you value a robust customer service track record and flexible offerings like collateral loans leveraging your precious metals. Their extensive array of precious metals ensures that the ideal investment or collectible aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

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