APMEX Review 2023: Should You Buy Precious Metals From Them?

So, you know how sometimes you get that itch to explore new hobbies or investment opportunities? Well, recently, I stumbled upon something that piqued my interest – APMEX, the online precious metals retailer. I figured, why not dive in and see what the buzz is all about in 2023? Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just curious like me, join me as I share my thoughts and experiences with APMEX. Ready to find out if APMEX is the real deal or just another shiny distraction?

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Buy Precious Metals Online from APMEX

Delving into actual gold or silver assets may seem complex to beginners in the investment world, requiring thorough inspection of costs and storage options. Here comes APMEX, a reputable player in the market with a straightforward solution.

For the average investor, APMEX serves as a doorway, making the pursuit of precious metal assets simple and accessible.

If the notion of integrating gold, silver, or other precious metals into your investment game plan intrigues you, keep reading to determine whether APMEX hits the mark as your preferred platform for fulfilling those precious metal aspirations.

What’s the Scoop on APMEX?

APMEX, or the American Precious Metals Exchange, isn’t just your average precious metals company – it’s been around since its inception by Scott Thomas and David Melker in the year 2000.

Starting as a modest venture with a team of just four individuals, APMEX dabbled in selling various precious metals. But as time marched on, their operation expanded, taking up residence in a whopping 80,000-square-foot facility and employing a workforce of 300.

Over the past two decades, APMEX proudly boasts of selling a staggering 130 million ounces of gold and silver to a global customer base exceeding 1 million in over 100 countries. These folks could very well hold the title of the largest precious metals dealers worldwide.

In 2017, APMEX snagged the prestigious “Best Bullion Dealer” award from the American Coin Treasures Awards. As if that weren’t enough, they followed it up in 2018 by clinching the title of “Best Precious Metals Dealer” courtesy of the International Precious Metals Institute. Quite the track record, wouldn’t you say?

APMEX Assortment

As a major player on the global precious metals stage, it’s no surprise that APMEX boasts an extensive array of precious offerings. For the most up-to-date lineup, a quick hop to their website’s comprehensive product catalog is your ticket!

APMEX Precious Metals
Gold Choices

APMEX boasts a remarkable option of gold products that take account of the following:

Gold Bars and Rounds

Gold Coins

U.S. Mint Gold Coins

Gold from the Royal Canadian Mint

Gold from The Perth Mint

Mexican Mint Gold Coins

Coins and Currencies from various global regions

Moreover, their gold offerings extend to IRA-approved bars and rounds, featuring standouts like the 10 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar, the iconic Gold Buffalo, the 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf, and the 1/2 oz .9999 Gold Krugerrands.

Silver Selections

For those leaning towards silver, APMEX’s offerings are equally diverse. Behold their extensive collection:

Silver Bars

Silver Coins

U.S. Mint Silver Coins

Silver Rounds

American silver eagle coins

Silver from the Royal Canadian Mint

Silver with Movie and Licensed themes

Silver from The Perth Mint

Junk Silver Coins

Industrial Silver

Silver from the Mexican Mint

Their silver sources span renowned mints like the U.S. Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and The Perth Mint. Not to be missed are IRA-approved gems like the Morgan Dollar, the Walking Liberty, and the 1 oz American Eagle.

Platinum and Palladium Picks

APMEX’s repertoire extends to platinum and palladium as well. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Platinum Bars & Rounds

Platinum Coins

American Eagle Platinum

Palladium Bars & Rounds

American Eagle Palladium

Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coins

For the fashionably inclined, APMEX even offers a selection of palladium, platinum, and other metal jewelry. And for those who seek rarity, their collection includes not only precious coins but also commemorative items, combining both inherent and collectible worth.

APMEX Exclusive Goods

Beyond the aforementioned precious metal delights, the folks at APMEX also offer their own branded treasures. And rest assured, these items meet the fineness criteria for IRA eligibility!

Behold these distinctive creations:

Gold bars (ranging from 1/2 oz. to 1 kilo)

Silver bars (available in 1 oz. to 100 oz.)

Silver rounds (ranging from 1 oz. to 10 oz.)

Platinum rounds (solely available in 1 oz.)

OneGold Venture

Innovatively, APMEX has ventured into the realm of digital precious metals with OneGold. Think of it as an ETF (exchange-traded fund) that enables clients to partake in the value fluctuations of gold and silver prices, all without physically managing the metals themselves.

APMEX Features Review

When it comes to the realm of precious metals, authenticity and quality reign supreme. APMEX stands out by forming partnerships with reputable mints and suppliers, ensuring that every product featured on their platform meets the highest standards of quality. Here are the factors which make this company stand out from the rest:

APMEX’s Commitment to Quality

APMEX’s commitment to providing genuine and premium precious metals is evident in the way it carefully selects its offerings. By working with reputable mints and suppliers, APMEX makes sure that every product on display satisfies strict quality standards.

Customer-Centric Approach

More than just a platform for trading precious metals, APMEX fosters lasting relationships. Beyond the norm, the company’s customer service offers customers individualized advice catered to their particular requirements. APMEX views every customer interaction as an opportunity to educate and empower, making their commitment to clients truly stand out. In short, the company has exceptional customer service.

APMEX Review of the Website

Embarking on a precious metals journey is made effortless through APMEX’s user-friendly website. The intuitive interface enables users to effortlessly explore products, compare prices, and make informed choices. The website’s fluid design caters to both tech-savvy investors and newcomers to online platforms, creating an accessible and enjoyable browsing experience.

Security: APMEX’s Top Priority

Security concerns often arise with online transactions, but APMEX confronts these issues head-on. By employing cutting-edge encryption technology, the company safeguards customer information and financial data, fostering a secure environment for transactions. APMEX’s unwavering commitment to security reinforces its dedication to building and maintaining customer trust.

APMEX Review of Mobile App: Investing on the Go

In a world where accessibility is crucial, APMEX’s mobile app brings its services to investors’ fingertips. With this easy-to-use mobile app, investors have the chance to track their investments on the go. It doesn’t matter if they are on the bus, on vacation, or while working.

For Novices and Veterans Alike

APMEX warmly welcomes both novices enticed by the allure of precious metals and seasoned investors seeking portfolio diversification.

Pros and Cons

This APMEX review is not complete without knowing the pros and cons of this company:


Reliability and Reputation

With a history dating back to 2000, Apmex has established itself as a trustworthy and reputable player in the industry, garnering investor confidence.

Customer-Centric Approach

Apmex’s personalized guidance and educational support cater to both seasoned investors and newcomers, ensuring well-informed decisions. The customer service team is very responsive.

Transparent Pricing

A hallmark of Apmex is its transparent pricing, enabling investors to make purchases with clarity and assurance of fair value.

Secure Packaging and Delivery

Apmex’s commitment to secure packaging and timely delivery ensures that precious metals reach investors in pristine condition, alleviating transit-related concerns.

Educational Resources

Apmex’s insightful blog and resources provide valuable knowledge about precious metals markets, trends, and investment strategies.

User-Friendly Website

Apmex’s intuitive online platform simplifies the browsing, comparison, and purchase process, catering to both novice and experienced investors.

Reputation for Authenticity

Apmex’s stringent selection of reputable mints and suppliers ensures the authenticity of products, building investor trust.

Physical Ownership

Apmex’s focus on tangible products appeals to investors who prefer holding physical metals as part of their investment strategy.

Global Recognition

Apmex’s international presence and recognition facilitate access to precious metals investments for investors around the world.


Higher Premiums

Apmex’s premiums, while providing quality assurance, might be slightly higher compared to some competitors, affecting overall investment costs.

Limited Payment Options

Apmex’s payment methods might not offer the same level of flexibility as other platforms, limiting options for certain investors.

Market Volatility

Like all precious metals investments, Apmex’s products are subject to the fluctuations of global markets, impacting the value of investments.

Physical Ownership Requirement

Investors who prefer virtual ownership might be deterred by Apmex’s emphasis on tangible products.

International Shipping Challenges

While Apmex offers international shipping, investors outside the United States could encounter delays, customs issues, and additional fees.

Complexity for Novices

The intricate nature of different metals, product types, and market trends might overwhelm newcomers to the precious metals market.

Market Dependency

The value of Apmex’s offerings is heavily influenced by market conditions, which might not align with short-term investment goals.

Limited Non-Precious Metal Options

Apmex primarily focuses on precious metals, potentially excluding investors seeking broader alternative investment options.

Storage and Security Concerns

Physical ownership entails storage and security considerations, which some investors might find cumbersome.

Lack of Digital Options

Apmex’s emphasis on physical products might not cater to investors seeking purely digital or paper-based investment vehicles.

Does APMEX Provide Gold IRA Services?

As of now, APMEX does not offer gold IRA services directly, as it does not function as an IRA custodian. The business concentrates on delivering precious metals that are accepted by IRAs. APMEX has partnered with several renowned IRA custodians to assist with the IRA needs of its clients. These esteemed entities include:

  1. GoldStar Trust
  2. Entrust Group
  3. EQUITY Institutional
  4. STRATA Trust Company
  5. Kingdom Trust Company

Initiating an IRA with APMEX: If you’re contemplating how to initiate an IRA with APMEX, the process is rather uncomplicated. We’ve distilled the procedure into three straightforward steps:

Select an IRA custodian of your preference and establish an account with them. You have the option to choose from APMEX’s affiliated custodians. Once your IRA account is set up, you can commence funding it, including the option to transfer an existing IRA or a former employer’s 401(k).

You can proceed to acquire IRA-eligible products from APMEX for your account. APMEX offers a spectrum of storage choices for your acquired gold, spanning self-storage, third-party storage, and even home storage.


To embark on your IRA journey with APMEX, it’s essential to be aware of the $2,000 minimum purchase prerequisite, which serves as the initial investment threshold.

Upon initiating an IRA, APMEX itself does not levy any charges. However, the specific IRA custodian you choose might introduce their fee structure, which can vary based on your selection.

The process of transferring funds to your selected APMEX IRA partner custodian generally spans around three months. It’s noteworthy that this transfer incurs a fee of $110 per transaction, which is relatively higher compared to industry standards.

A cost-effective workaround exists – if you choose to pay through an electronic check or wire transfer from your bank, you can circumvent the $110 transfer fee.

APMEX implements a charge of $35 per precious metal purchase, a fee that stands out as more economical compared to many similar industry counterparts.

Is APMEX Shipping Insured?

APMEX prioritizes the safety of your shipments through its comprehensive shipping protocols. Here’s what you need to know:

APMEX’s QuickShip Program

APMEX offers a QuickShip program that ensures swift shipping. As soon as your payment is received, the company initiates the shipping process. Shipments are dispatched daily, except for weekends and holidays.

Timely Shipping

If your order is placed before 1 p.m. CST, rest assured it will be shipped on the very same day. Otherwise, it will be sent out on the following business day.

Shipping Methods and Insurance

All shipping methods provided by APMEX come with full insurance coverage, guaranteeing the safety and security of your products during transit.

Insurance Policy

Every purchase you make is accompanied by a $25,000 insurance policy. This policy shields you against potential loss or damage that may occur during the shipping process. This becomes particularly significant if you’re shipping a value exceeding $25,000 at a time.

Tracking and Notifications

APMEX furnishes you with a tracking number, ensuring that you’re well-informed about the whereabouts of your products throughout their journey.

Free Shipping and Shipping Surcharge

Orders totaling $199 or more qualify for free shipping. While there’s no minimum order requirement, orders below $199 are subject to a $9.99 shipping surcharge.

Citadel Orders

If you’re placing Citadel orders under $500, a shipping fee of $9.95 will be applicable.

With APMEX, you can trust that your shipments are not only expedited but also meticulously insured, guaranteeing a secure delivery of your precious metals IRA acquisitions.


Introducing the APMEX Membership Club, known as the “APMEX Club”, designed to honor our most dedicated clients. To enroll, an investment of a minimum of $5,000 in precious metals over two transactions is required. The process incurs no additional fees beyond this initial commitment.

The APMEX Club encompasses four distinct membership tiers, each offering its array of exclusive advantages:

Select Tier: Achieved by completing 2 to 5 orders or buying/selling precious metals totaling $5,000.

Premiere Tier: Attained by completing 6 to 9 orders or purchasing/selling precious metals totaling $10,000.

Elite Tier: Attained upon completing more than 10 orders or purchasing/selling precious metals totaling $10,000.

VIP Tier: Exclusive tier accessible by invitation only.

The APMEX Membership Club stands as an exceptional opportunity to enhance savings and maximize the value of your investment in precious metals through APMEX. Delve into the privileges associated with each tier level below.

Tools and Resources

In addition to its core services, APMEX offers a wide range of extra features, assets, and tools that are specifically designed to serve its devoted clients.


In a ground-breaking move for the sector, we present AutoInvest, a cutting-edge solution that enables the purchase of precious metals depending on the preferences of your investment portfolio. With options for daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or quarterly frequency, this tool gives you the freedom to specify a schedule and quantity for your purchases. AutoInvest applies to numerous products, though not universally. Look for the “Start AutoInvest” feature when selecting items for your cart.

Bullion Card

An extraordinary asset at your disposal is the Bullion Card, a Visa-managed credit card that presents an array of advantages exclusively for APMEX patrons. Notably, this marks the debut of the premier precious metals rewards card in the market, exclusive to APMEX. The Bullion Card encompasses the following benefits:

  • A 4% initial return in gold or silver for APMEX acquisitions.
  • A 1% return on gold and silver for all non-APMEX purchases.
  • Earning 15,000 bonus points after spending $1,500 on precious metals (approximating a value of $150).
  • Commencing with a 0% introductory APR.
  • Facilitating 0% balance transfers.
  • Access to exclusive offers tailored for cardholders.

The accumulated points through the Bullion Card can be redeemed for purchasing precious metals from APMEX.

Alert Tools

Empowering you to stay attuned to potential opportunities, APMEX offers a suite of alert tools:

  • Custom Spot Price Alerts: Prompt notifications when specific products reach designated prices.
  • AlertMe: Updates when previously unavailable items become accessible in the store.
  • Portfolio Tool: A comprehensive view of your precious metals holdings consolidated in a single, easy-to-track interface.

These supplementary resources and tools complement your APMEX experience, ensuring you’re well-informed and empowered throughout your investment journey.

Purchasing Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Wondering about the process of purchasing from APMEX?

The steps are surprisingly straightforward and offer you a variety of choices. You can opt to engage over the phone to discuss your transaction, or you can seamlessly navigate their robust e-commerce platform for a digital experience.

For online purchases, initiating the process involves setting up an account and logging in. Subsequently, you can explore their comprehensive product catalog to identify the particular precious metal you wish to acquire. Once your choice is made, you can proceed to verify your order and complete the payment.

Upon finalizing your purchase, you can select between two options: having the precious metals delivered directly to your residence or electing to store them securely in APMEX’s storage facility. As previously mentioned, orders exceeding $199 enjoy the benefit of free shipping, whereas orders below this threshold incur a nominal $9.95 shipping fee.

Can APMEX Be Trusted for Silver and Gold Purchases?

While the company emphasizes a stringent authentication process for its products, recent legal actions have cast doubts on the authenticity standards they uphold.

Although the company firmly denies all allegations, it’s plausible that these lawsuits are isolated incidents.

Adding to their credibility, APMEX holds membership in esteemed institutions such as the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Furthermore, their products benefit from insurance coverage provided by Lloyd’s of London. In light of these affiliations and safeguards, it’s reasonable to affirm the reliability of their products.

Exploring APMEX Alternatives for Precious Metal Investment For those prioritizing cost-effectiveness, the potential deterrent of APMEX’s comparatively elevated fees might steer you toward considering alternatives. Fortunately, the market offers several reputable alternatives that enable you to venture into precious metal investment without significant upfront expenses.

Here are a few noteworthy options worth considering:

JM Bullion

A well-regarded competitor to APMEX, JM Bullion provides a diverse range of precious metal investment opportunities. Known for competitive pricing and a user-friendly interface, JM Bullion

Money Metals Exchange

If affordability is paramount, Money Metals Exchange could be a fitting choice. Renowned for its low premiums and commitment to fair pricing, this platform accommodates investors aiming to initiate precious metal investments without significant initial outlays.

SD Bullion

Recognized for its competitive pricing and extensive inventory, SD Bullion appeals to those seeking an array of precious metal options at budget-friendly rates. With a user-centric approach and straightforward purchase processes, it’s an alternative worth exploring.

One Gold

Read my OneGold review for further color on this company.

Real Customer Reviews and Rating

APMEX’s reputation among its users stands at a satisfactory level, reflecting an average BBB rating of 3.89/5. Here’s a glimpse into the sentiments expressed by some of these users regarding their experiences with APMEX:

“Having recently completed my fourth order with APMEX, I’m pleased to report a smooth process. I called customer service and they immediately responded to my query. The order was swiftly processed, shipped, and arrived within seven days. APMEX remains my preferred choice for precious metals.” – Antonio S.

“Over the past year, I’ve placed more than a dozen orders with APMEX, and each time has been nothing short of satisfying. Competitive pricing and an extensive collection of both bullion and collectibles make APMEX an enjoyable shopping destination.” – Mark A.

“For over a decade, I’ve trusted APMEX for my precious metals needs, resulting in approximately 40 orders. Consistently meeting and often exceeding expectations, their timely shipments and quality have earned my unwavering recommendation.” – Ferrell Y.- a very satisfied customer.

“My purchase of Gold Buffalos and $100 90% junk silver bags was seamlessly executed. The funds were wired, and within two days, the order was delivered – a testament to APMEX’s speed, accuracy, and professionalism.” – Michael C.

If these testimonials haven’t convinced you of APMEX’s suitability for your needs, we encourage you to explore our comprehensive comparison between APMEX and its close contender, JM Bullion, in our JM Bullion vs. APMEX review.

Concluding Thoughts

APMEX review shows that this company emerges as an exceptional avenue for those interested in investing in historically resilient assets like precious metals, safeguarding their portfolios against inflation. The platform facilitates easy access to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments, made even more enticing by the absence of minimum investment requirements – a rarity in this investment realm. With its commendable shipping rates and competitive pricing, APMEX stands as a premier choice and our foremost recommendation for global investors seeking a cost-effective and reputable solution.

Apmex Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Apmex Legit?

Apmex is held in high esteem within the precious metals industry. With a track record dating back to 2000, it has garnered a positive reputation for its authenticity, customer service, and industry expertise.It is safer to purchase rare coins and precious metals from this company.

How can I make purchases from Apmex?

If you purchase precious metals from Apmex, you will experience a simple process. You can begin by creating an account on their website, selecting desired products, proceeding through the checkout process, choosing a payment method, and finalizing your purchase.

How does Apmex handle shipping?

Apmex employs secure packaging to safeguard the arrival of your precious metals products. Shipping particulars, fees, and delivery times can vary based on your location and the specific products you’ve chosen.

Does Apmex offer international shipping?

Indeed, Apmex extends its services internationally to many countries. Nevertheless, the specifics of shipping options, fees, and delivery times can fluctuate based on the destination.

What is Apmex’s policy for product buyback?

Apmex does implement a buyback program for certain products it offers. The buyback price typically factors in elements such as the prevailing market value and the condition of the product.

Does Apmex provide investment advice?

While Apmex does offer educational resources and insights into market trends, it does not dispense personalized investment advice.

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