American Alternative Assets Review

American Alternative Assets Review

Precious metal investing has been the talk of the town in recent times. This has been fueled by the increasingly bleak outlook of the coming years from a global economic perspective.

Experts have been warning investors to step away from Fiat currency investments and look for better alternatives for securing their savings and retirement funds.

In that regard, investing in precious metals such as gold and silver, has emerged as a viable alternative.

This is why companies such as American Alternative Assets have been appearing all over the country. It is a response to the growing demand for precious metals investing companies that can allow investors to diversify their existing retirement savings portfolios.

Opening a precious metals IRA is widely seen as a shrewd move for investors who are looking for a viable long-term precious metal investing strategy.

Given a few years to grow, companies such as American Alternative Assets can produce huge returns on gold and silver investments.

However, with so many companies to choose from, purchasing precious metals online has become a very risky thing for investors to do.

Proper research is required before settling on a preferred precious metals dealer to avoid entering into a partnership with untrustworthy entities.

In that regard, American Alternative Assets reviews, such as this one, are very important resources for both novice and seasoned investors looking for quality customer service and a wide selection of gold and silver products.

If you are a forward-thinking American, alternative investments that focus on precious metals should be at the top of your 2024 goals.

The stock market volatility that has plagued international markets recently can be a thing of the past if you can find a partner to manage your precious metals savings and retirement funds.

This American Alternative Assets review will focus on all the attributes of this company that potential investors should know.

By the time you finish reading this and other American Alternative Assets reviews, you will be ready to decide whether or not such an investment strategy is the right move for you.

Before you read this review:

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Why Choose American Alternative Assets?

American Alternative Assets

The most important question that investors want answered when they comb through American Alternative Assets reviews is “Why choose this company as the preferred precious metals dealer for securing investment funds?”

It is a fair question considering the high number of fraudulent companies posing as legitimate precious metals IRA providers and gold dealers.

However, American Alternative Assets has many redeeming qualities, such as:

Trustworthiness and Reputation

American Alternative Assets has established itself as a trustworthy and reputable company that will safeguard its investors’ funds.

The team behind this company recognized long ago that trustworthiness is one of the most important attributes that a gold IRA provider or dealer needs to have.

These days, thanks to platforms such as Trustpilot, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and the National Ethics Association, it is very easy for customers to share their bad experiences and cause a lot of damage to the reputation of a company.

As such, American Alternative Assets has been actively working on providing top-tier customer services from the day it opened its doors.

At least 30% of the new business that American Alternative Assets receives comes from referrals, which further highlights the importance of a stellar reputation.

“Protect, Preserve, and Prosper” are the words that the American Alternative Assets team lives by, and this has been backed up by how they work hard to protect and grow their customers’ investments.

In the course of this American Alternative Assets review, many reputable online platforms were used to gauge the level of customer satisfaction the company has been able to achieve.

Two of the most popular platforms for customer reviews showed the following results:

Trustpilot Reviews

Out of 18 American Alternative Assets reviews on Trustpilot, the company scored an impressive 4.4 stars. At least 94% of the reviewers gave the company a five-star rating.

This means if you are considering investing in gold and silver, purchase your products from American Alternative Assets because only a few companies can match such high feedback from satisfied clients.

Better Business Bureau Reviews

The Better Business Bureau states that American Alternative Assets has been in business for seven years and has been BBB-accredited since December 2021. The company has managed to achieve an incredible A+ BBB rating over that period.

Considering the trust clients have in BBB reviews, such an endorsement, has gone a long way to establishing American Alternative Assets as a trustworthy precious metals investment company.

Long-lasting Precious Metals Investment Partnerships

One thing all investors interested in gold and silver IRA investments need to understand is that it is a marathon, not a sprint.

The security provided by investing in precious metals is assured, but it takes a long time before the client can enjoy the benefits.

As such, investors need to know that they can build long-lasting partnerships with the precious metals IRA companies they are working with.

American Alternative Assets has been in this business for seven years and does not show any signs of slowing down.

Using a meticulous step-by-step process, American Alternative Assets strives to ensure the mutual success of both parties as they secure and grow their clients’ investments.

The company’s dedication to long-lasting partnerships is clear from the way its employees take the time to properly educate potential investors before taking any steps toward securing their financial future.

Precious Metals Buy Back Assurance

American Alternative Assets offers its clients an exit strategy in case they change their minds after purchasing metals from the company.

This Buy Back program gives clients who are worried about market volatility some peace of mind when they start investing in precious metals.

Many investors tend to overlook the importance of the Buy Back program, but it is often the only thing standing between them and the mercy of the open market.

If investors decide to liquidate their precious metals, they can rest assured that American Alternative Assets will buy back all the gold and silver they bought from the dealer without the need to haggle over gold prices.

This is a rare service in the precious metals industry and is a shining example of how American Alternative Assets is different from other brokers that deal with precious metals.

Customers who find themselves in a bind soon after buying gold and silver from the company need only contact American Alternative Assets and request the Buy Back program.

When investors realize that the company is not just focused on the bottom line, such a show of care and consideration for its clients sets American Alternative Assets apart from other precious metal traders in the industry.

Unique Value Proposition

One of the most confusing aspects relating to investing in precious metals is home most companies seem to be offering the same advice, products, and services.

This makes choosing the right investment partner very difficult when multiple gold dealers are all saying the same things.

American Alternative Assets stands out thanks to its unique value proposition. The company goes beyond simply offering quality customer service and provides a holistic approach to investing in gold.

Innovative investment strategies and dedicated asset protection are all part and parcel of what American Alternative Assets has to offer its clients.

Investors seeking financial independence will find a good home at American Alternative Assets, where discretion and the rights of investors are held in high regard.

The company does more than just preach about the importance of precious metals in safeguarding investment funds, it puts those words into practice by providing educational resources and support to investors who are embarking on this journey with American Alternative Assets.

Products and Services for Retirement Savings

Besides the values of the company, one of the most important things potential investors want to know is the range of gold and silver products that American Alternative Assets has to offer.

The company’s financial advisors are ready to assist by providing a free investment guide, highlighting some of the products investors can look forward to investing in.

Clients interested in opening silver and gold IRAs can expect the following:

Gold IRA

Gold IRAs

Gold is the backbone of precious metals IRAs. It is widely available and of very high value. This metal has been used for centuries to safeguard wealth, and the many technological advancements over the years have done little to diminish its importance.

As such, it is the main product offered by American Alternative Assets. Opening a gold IRA allows individuals to diversify a significant part of their savings and retirement funds towards precious metals.

In times of economic downturns and uncertainty, gold will provide a refuge and hedge against inflation.

American Alternative Assets provides investors with access to good quality gold bars and coins that are of the highest purity.

Silver IRA

Silver IRA Investing

While many investors prefer investing in gold rather than silver assets, it is still a very valuable metal that can resist economic downturns just as well as other precious metals.

Opening a silver IRA is a good alternative for investors who do not have enough funds to invest in gold, or simply want to further diversify their portfolios.

One of silver’s redeeming qualities is that it has a lot of intrinsic value that goes beyond its popularity as a precious metal. It has been used historically in medicine, currencies, and ornaments.

Its use in computers means that as we dive further into the Digital Age, silver will become more important than ever before. As such, opening a silver IRA is a great option for those looking to achieve their long-term investment goals.

American Alternative Assets has a wide selection of silver bars and coins from various prestigious mints around the world.

Investors who need guidance in diversifying their retirement funds to silver assets can find all the advice they need from American Alternative Assets.

Educational Resources

Educational resources are the key to empowering investors who want to make shrewd investment decisions that will help them secure their financial independence.

At American Alternative Assets, investors can find all the information they need about this rapidly growing and fascinating industry.

Resources that can be found on the American Alternative Assets website include foundational articles, documents, videos, and podcasts that can assist investors in learning more about precious metals IRAs.

Once investors have understood all the basics of how American Alternative Assets works and the significance of investing in gold and silver, they can move on to learning about choosing the right investment strategy, asset protection, and diversifying retirement accounts.

Investors can also learn how to leverage their retirement assets to get the most out of their investments.

In response to the ever-changing political and economic landscapes, American Alternative Assets continuously updates its educational resources to make sure that investors have access to the latest information that is still relevant to their needs.

Storage Facilities

A precious metal asset is not something that you can store anywhere you like. The high value of gold and silver products means proper storage facilities are a must.

Moreover, investors who are diversifying their retirement accounts to gold IRAs are not allowed to keep their gold anywhere other than an IRS-approved depository.

As such, American Alternative Assets works hand in hand with the Delaware Depository to ensure that all the precious metals under its care are kept in secure vaults that meet the strict IRS standards.

Navigating the Buying Process

Investors who are new to the gold industry may find some aspects of this world to be a bit confusing.

While some untrustworthy gold dealers may try to take advantage of this situation, American Alternative Assets goes the extra mile to make the buying process as simple as possible.

The company has developed a simple three-step process to help investors “Connect, Choose, and Collect” their precious metals.


The foundation of strong client relationships starts with the connection phase. Here, the customer gets to know more about American Alternative Assets and how the company conducts its business.

It is important to American Alternative Assets that all its clients are armed with all the information they require before making big life decisions regarding how to secure their finances.

In turn, American Alternative Assets will also take the time to understand the needs of the clients, their present circumstances, and their financial goals. Such knowledge will help the company to develop a personalized approach that will benefit the customer in the best way possible.


Choosing the right investment transitions for the client is where the journey begins. Here, American Alternative Assets will guide the customer through the intricate world of precious metal investing, making sure to highlight all the potential risks and benefits at every turn.

Choosing an investment strategy goes beyond simply selecting the types of gold or silver to invest in. Besides the wide range of gold and silver bullion products available at American Alternative Assets, investors also have to choose the following:

  • Percentage of retirement assets to diversify to gold
  • Type of retirement assets to invest in
  • Storage facilities
  • Asset protection

Many investors feel overwhelmed by all these choices at first, but with the help and guidance of American Alternative Assets, they soon learn how to make smart decisions that will safeguard their financial future.


Once all the important choices have been made, American Alternative Assets will take over and help investors secure the best possible price for their assets.

The gold and silver products will be delivered directly to the customer or sent to a storage facility of their choice.

Pros and Cons

As with every company in the volatile precious metals industry, American Alternative Assets has the following pros and cons that investors need to know about:


  • Strong client relationships
  • Efficient buying process
  • 30% of new business from referrals
  • Chance for financial independence
  • Dedication to mutual success, transparency, and trust
  • Emphasis on privacy
  • Buy Back program
  • Useful and accessible educational resources


  • Inherent risks associated with investing in precious metals
  • IRA setup and rollovers may be complicated for novice investors
  • Can be too volatile for short-term gains


American Alternative Assets stands out as a beacon of success for those wondering what a reliable and trustworthy precious metal investment company looks like.  While they don’t have the name brand like UBS Financial, they are a viable option.

With the global economic downturns showing no signs of improving, gold provides one of the few remaining good investments left for investors to choose from.

American Alternative Assets is structured to provide all the assistance both novice and seasoned investors need when diversifying their funds to gold and silver assets.

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