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Are you one of those who want to know more about Amagi Metals company? Would you like to know if they’re a legit company and whether they have a good reputation?

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Learn in this review to learn if Amagi Metals is worth your business. Nowadays, one of the most convenient, simplest, and quickest ways to find quality precious metals, such as silver bars and base metals, is by going online.

Within the past ten years or so, the market has become flooded with numerous online precious metal orders. Most of them have been around for that long. However, Amagi Metals is one exception.

Established in 2010, it is one of the highly sought companies that offer precious metals. However, in this industry, age is only a number. In most ways, the company has set itself apart from the crowd.

Amagi Metals Review: A Detailed Look on their Business

amagi metals review

In case you didn’t know yet, Amagi Metals is a precious metal company selling silver, platinum, gold, and copper. They have some unique collectible items and accessories too. However, there are some concerning potential red flags that you need to keep in mind about their service.

Some of these include poor company customer service reviews as well as a lack of Better Business Bureau accreditation. Now, you may be asking yourself if you should trust this company with your hard-earned money or investment.

Bear in mind that choosing a company to invest with is a massive financial decision you need to consider. Throughout the years, we have studied and investigated different companies, and one of them is Amagi Metals.

We want to share our results with you before you purchase precious metals and silver from the said company. You can rest assured that this review will only provide you with accurate and reliable information.

Now, without further, let’s dive in into our Amagi Metals review.

What is Amagi Metals?

Amagi Metals is a precious metals company offering different products from base metals, silver shield products, silver, gold, metals, copper, platinum, and so much more. They are a newbie in the precious metals industry, operating for approximately six years.

Currently, they have three offices headquartered in Las Vegas, Texas and Oklahoma. Since the company’s inception, Amagi Metals have expanded to provide a brought spectrum of various types of precious metals.

They strive to make the entire buying process of precious metal easy and straightforward. They also put emphasis on how essential it is to have a fiscally stable portfolio. If you visit Amagi Metals website, you will find that they have different values they practice. Here are some of them:

Amagi Metal’s Core Values:


The company mentioned that they don’t have a one-size-fits-all customer service policy. As an alternative, they customize their service to the unique requirements of each person. They strive to have a personalized approach to every customer, enabling them to offer the customer the best overall guidance.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous poor customer reviews and complaints about their overall customer service. Customers have said that when they have had a problem with what Amagi Metals offers, it has been very challenging to get a hold of a representative from the company.


They mentioned that they continuously have their website updated to ensure the account information of their customers remains safe. The physical metals a customer purchased are secured as well through insurance and through thorough packaging.

Unluckily, many customer reviews complains about poor packaging. Consumers have cited that some of their products have arrived in damaged boxes and with cosmetic damage as well. When it comes to coins, that’s serious, as damage significantly impacts the asset’s value.


Another value that Amagi Metals emphasizes is privacy. Technology has made it simpler to diversify one’s portfolio and to buy assets. Nonetheless, it comes with new vulnerabilities.

They mentioned that they take each customer’s privacy seriously. They promise to maintain their details private, and nothing will be sold to third parties, and information will be uncovered if the law permits. Amagi has a Privacy Center available on their website, dedicated to discussing their privacy policy.


Amagi Metals states they always test their precious metals to guarantee everything is of the correct weight and purity level. That avoids counterfeit items from circulating through their inventory.

That’s a good policy to have, but it’s par for the course. Bear in mind that all precious metals dealers must constantly be auditing their inventory and testing it to ensure that all gold, silver, copper, and other metals are legitimate.

Is Amagi Metals a Scam?

is amagi scam

Amagi Metal doesn’t appear to be a scam. In fact, the company has years of experience in the precious metals sector. You will also find some positive reviews, telling them they do provide the services they claim to.

However, there are other red flags and confusing things you need to be aware of, too. The company is not accredited by Better Business Bureau or Business Consumer Alliance. They also don’t have a rating from the said organizations.

On top of that, the BBB doesn’t rate a company when it does not have sufficient information for a rating or it’s doing an investigation about the practices of the company.

It’s a smart idea to work with precious metals company to provide accurate information and have a BBB accreditation rating. Doing so means you are working with a team that’s both trustworthy and verified at the same time.

BBB’s page doesn’t have any filed complaints or negative reviews. However, the Yelp page for the company has reviews with a rating of three out of five stars. That suggests half of the people who reviewed it had a negative experience about them.

Yelp also reports that the company is closed. Nonetheless, the website is still shown to be active. It is possible that the company has simply closed and started to concentrate on gold, silver, copper, platinum, and other metals online due to the impacts of the pandemic on the retail industry.

Amagi Metals Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons you need to know about Amagi Metals before you purchase gold from them:


  • Platinum bullion, silver, and gold are available on their website
  • Some copper metals, collectibles, and accessories are accessibleon their website


  • There are negative complaints by customers regarding poor customer service
  • There are many potential concerns with the products
  • There are many negative customer reviews on Yelp, even though their physical store seems to be closed already
  • There are no BBB ratings or accreditation available

Bottom Line

gold coins

To sum up, Amagi Metals is a legitimate business and one of the good precious metal dealers out there in the world, offering quality gold, jewelry, silver, and other precious metals.

However, we cannot deny the fact that their Yelp page is littered with numerous bad reviews, and they don’t have any BBB accreditation. These only imply that they have poor policies on company’s customer service.

What’s more, customers have suspected that they never received their first order at all. Others said they had to wait for months for the shipment to be completed, and then the items arrived in damaged packaging and poor delivery condition.

If you are interested to purchase precious metals as a good investment, it’s important that you’re confident and trusts the company you are working with. It is highly possible as well that Amagi Metals is a good business, but they have not made an effort to fix the problems with their previous clients or to acquire accreditation from BBB.

With that in mind, we cannot suggest paying your hard-earned money or investment with Amagi Metals.

There are other trusted precious metals dealers out there with the same items, good shipping policy, and great payment method, but they also have amazing customer feedback and superior ratings from third parties.

There you have it! We hope you find this Amagi Metals review useful and informative at the same time. Consider everything you discussed Amagi Metals in this review and keep them in mind whenever you plan on buying products from them.

What are your thoughts about this Amagi Metals review? have you recently bought precious metals with them? What are your experiences?

We want to know your thoughts! Feel free to share your insights with us by leaving your comments down below!

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