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Acre Gold Review: Is Acre Gold Legit?

Acre Gold is a store that sells gold. It is, nevertheless, unique in that you pay a monthly fee that accumulates over time until you have sufficient money to purchase a 2.5-gram bar. The gold bar you purchase bears the Acre Gold logo and is delivered to your home. You can continue your subscription after receiving the gold bar until you can purchase the next gold bar. It is as easy as that.

Is Acre Gold, however, a good company? Let’s get straight into this Acre Gold review so that you know whether to buy gold from this organization or not.

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More Information About Acre Gold

Acre Gold is a company founded by a group of fintech veterans, as per information on the Acre Gold website. The creators know everything there is to know about the financial sector and how commodity prices move.

The company’s mission was to revolutionize the way individuals invest in gold. Rather than purchasing gold through an internet store or pawnshop, the company enables you to save money for gold each month until you have enough to purchase a gold bar.

Acre Gold has offices in Santa Monica, California, and Boise, Idaho. As of 2021, the company is less than two years old, yet there are numerous internet evaluations, indicating that a large number of people have either purchased gold from the company or are interested in doing so.

Brendon McQueen is the company’s founder. He is well-known for founding, a system for managing student loans, in 2012. He helps past students handle more than $2 billion in debts through Furthermore, he later co-founded Shuttle Finance with partners, from which he launched Acre Gold. The Colombia University BA graduate is interested in technology, which he blends into his modern enterprises. Mr. Brendon McQueen’s focus before entering finance was on socially-minded material. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Columbia Observer Magazine and afterward worked for public radio as a host and producer. In addition, he was also a movie director.

Mr. Brendon McQueen brings his experience from Shuttle Finance and assisting students to manage their debt to Acre Gold. We merely have to wait and watch how the business performs over time because it is still relatively new.

Or, I invite you to continue on to read my Acre Gold review.

How Does Acre Gold Work?

acre goldAcre Gold operates on a layaway basis. As an investor, you open an account and pay a monthly subscription fee. Based on how quickly you want to afford the gold bar, you may choose from three subscription plans. Subscriptions are available for $30, $50, and $100. The length of time it takes you to buy gold is determined by the subscription you choose.

Furthermore, Acre Gold ships you a 2.3g gold bar as soon as you have paid enough subscriptions to cover the cost. The shipping and fulfillment costs are your responsibility. Afterward, the gild is then shipped to you in a discrete manner. The subscription continues after the delivery, and the company sends you a 2.3g gold bar each time you pay enough. If there is any money left over after your gold bar purchase, it is carried over to the following contribution.

If you make a monthly contribution of $100, the company gives you a five-gram gold bar once you have made enough contributions. You are charged a one-time cost of $12, after which you are free to depart. Your subscriptions are paid through ReCharge, a renowned online subscription service that manages a variety of subscriptions.

Acre Gold Review: What Are the Fees and Charges Like?

You are responsible for the shipping and fulfillment expenses in addition to the monthly subscription charge. A $3.35 processing fee is also charged, as well as a $12 membership fee that is charged for the duration of your account. You are charged a $20 cancellation fee if you decide to discontinue your subscription.

The pricing of the company’s gold bars is kept a secret, which brings about the question, “Is Acre Gold legit?” Because the price of physical gold changes, you may have to donate extra to purchase your gold bar at times. When prices are low, a few months’ worth of contributions is all it takes to receive the gold. However, the company claims the greatest gold pricing, and the gold bars are struck by well-known mints, ensuring top-notch quality.

What Is the Quality of Gold from Gold Acre?

Quality of Gold

You might want to find out the quality of the gold you invest in and how well it stands up over time as an investor. Acre Gold provides detailed information about its product so that clients can have confidence in it.

The bar is made of 0.9999 fine gold, which is the purest kind of gold available. When it comes to those who pay $30 or $50 per month, every bar weighs 2.5 grams, and for individuals who contribute $100 per month, every bar weighs up to five grams. The bars are sent to customers in sealed assay containers, ensuring that the gold is safe. Furthermore, the weight and certification of the bar are displayed on the package. When the package is sent to you, it appears like any other, and nobody is going to think you are carrying gold, according to the company.

The Acre Gold Logo is stamped on the bar’s observe side, along with the purity and weight of the gold. Another Acre Gold logo can be found on the back of the card. Following that, the gift is placed in a soft-touch box with a display drawer. The gold’s gleaming polish makes it desirable to potential customers.

Is the Website Easy to Use?

The Acre Gold website is straightforward and simple to use. While these two aspects are beneficial, they are lacking in the majority of the qualities that gold investors may desire. The About page is the only other page on the site outside the Homepage.

This homepage provides all of the information you need, including the investment process, fees, and the company’s fundamentals. There are also client testimonials, all of which appear to be positive.

The majority of gold investing firms have a blog, an education area, and a news section. However, the Acre Gold webpage is missing all of these. If you want to learn more about gold investment, you can do so from other sources before getting started. The FAQ page is also notably absent, so you may not know anything about the business.

Social media buttons, on the other hand, allow you to track business actions on Instagram and Facebook. You can contact Acre Gold on social media if you have any concerns, complaints, questions, or suggestions.

Acre Gold Review: Customer Support

Acre Gold can only be contacted by email at You can also contact them through their social media platforms, where you receive a timely answer. The company does not provide a phone number, and the site does not offer a live chat facility.

This implies that you are never going to receive an immediate response to your questions. The email support team, on the other hand, is always quick to react to complaints and queries. The company has responded to all concerns on BBB. Although some responses may be unsatisfactory, the majority of them have resolved the customers’ concerns.

Acre Gold offers you a progress report each month following the second subscription month. This report details your donations as well as the amount of money you need to save before receiving physical gold. Furthermore, when it comes time to ship a bar to you, you receive an email detailing the shipment’s status.

As a result, Acre Gold’s primary mode of communication is email. Customers are only engaged on the company’s social media accounts outside of email. They use Instagram to provide screenshots of gold-related news and snippets that investors should be aware of. Commercials appear on Facebook, attempting to persuade people to purchase gold and invest in an Acre Gold subscription.

Consumer’s Acre Gold Reviews

consumer reviewsWe looked at their social media pages and saw a lot of great feedback. Except for a few consumers who claim they can’t get customer service when they need it, the majority of people have positive reviews about this precious metal company.

The company has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau. When compared to the best rating, which is A+, this is a poor score. The company is not BBB accredited, which implies it doesn’t meet BBB’s accreditation requirements.

Most of the BBB reviewers complain about a lack of data and contact information from Gold Acre. They claim that the company lacks sufficient communication channels and that those that are provided are slow-moving. Customers also claim that the company is secretive about its pricing and that there is no platform for tracking contributions. You must rely on the report they send you at the end of each month. Some clients are irritated by the lack of transparency and the absence of a customer support team.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Acre Gold


  • Many individuals can afford the monthly subscription charge. This subscription plan allows you to begin investing in gold if you’ve always wanted to own it but can’t afford to raise thousands of dollars all at once.
  • The registration procedure is straightforward. All you have to do is enter your information and you’re ready to purchase gold.
  • As a guarantee of the highest quality, all gold is 0.9999 pure gold coined in Switzerland. In reality, no one has expressed dissatisfaction with the gold’s quality.
  • The business operates in a straightforward manner: you pay a monthly subscription fee, and whenever the amount is sufficient, gold is mailed to you.


  • You are responsible for paying the shipping and fulfillment fees of the gold coins that are sent to you. A processing fee is also charged.
  • Email and social networking sites are the only means of communication.
  • Unlike many other gold investment companies, this one does not provide investor education. Furthermore, there is no FAQ page where you may learn more about the organization or the investment.
  • There is a lack of openness in the firm, particularly when it comes to gold prices and account status.
  • Clumsy account management- On the website, there are no options for managing your account, meaning you might make some poor decisions regarding your investment strategy.

The Acre Gold Affiliate Program

When you refer people to the company, you may earn a commission. LeadDyno manages the affiliate program, and based on positive reviews on the internet, it appears to be a success. The company provides affiliate resources to help you get started selling once you join the affiliate program. Even better, you get access to a site where you can track the status of your Acre Gold account in real-time and track your affiliate commissions as they come in.

Is Acre Gold Legit?

This is the burning question on everyone’s mind: Is Acre Gold legit? Acre Gold is not a scam. The company is young and has received a lot of negative reviews online, but there hasn’t been a single complaint that the company has defrauded customers. Some reviews claim that they requested cancellation of their gold subscription service and were given a complete refund minus a $20 cancellation fee. These cancellation requests are all over the Better Business Bureau, and they all seem to have worked.

Aside from communication and transparency issues, the company has yet to defraud anyone, or rather, nobody claims to have been duped by the company thus far.

Acre Gold Review: Should You Invest in These Precious Metals?

precious metals

If you never have enough money to go for the huge physical gold that most other firms provide, Acre Gold is an excellent option. Even if you only save $30 per month, you can invest in this precious metal. It takes a few months for you to be able to purchase the little gold bar, but it is the most convenient option to get physical gold if you do not have sufficient savings.

Overall, if you choose Acre Gold, you have to deal with the difficulties of working with a new company; for example, you have to cope with delayed customer service and gold delivery. Additionally, you also have to deal with the limitations of a Gold Acre account management system.

Is Acre Gold legit? While we are certain Acre Gold is a respectable company, we believe there are better firms to invest in.

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