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7K Metals Corporation’s 7K-TantalumTM metal battery recently received provisional approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition to being commercially available, 7K-TantalumTM is the first and only (non-branded) battery to receive such approval in the United States. 7K Metals is currently recruiting strategic partners, investors, and customers for its 7K-TantalumTM battery, which is expected to launch in 2021.

Unfortunately, 7K Metals doesn’t have any current customers. The 7K metal is a mixture of silver and gold in a 70/30 ratio. 7K Metals is already discussing selling the metal with a US-based precious metals company. It’s unknown how much 7K Metals will be charging for its metals. 7K Metals does have its proof-of-concept research — published in a peer-reviewed science journal — and 7K Metals has committed to moving to production with over 90% of the project funding already secured. The company plans to produce up to 10,000 ounces per month in 2023.

7K Metals: Is a Pyramiding Scheme?

7K Metals is a pyramid scheme. Pyramiding schemes appear to be gaining momentum, and investors are eager to get their hands on them. A pyramiding scheme is an illegal business model in which money from new investors is channeled to earlier investors, then on to the creator of the scheme. Because of their size and speed, pyramid schemes can undermine the free market system.

7K Metals (Nasdaq: KLAZ) is a multi-level marketing company promoting “rare earth” products. The MLM business model literally pays people to buy products from the company and resell them to their friends, family, and downline. 7K Metals claims its products are “better quality,” but testing by an outside lab has shown otherwise. The MLM business model is one of the main reasons pyramid schemes (when revenue is generated primarily from selling a product or service to participants) are illegal.

7K Metals’ success depends on its ability to acquire new customers. As a private company, the company doesn’t report its earnings, so it’s impossible to know if they have sufficient capital to pursue its growth strategy. Their initial fundraising round was $2 million. Since the company has no revenue, investors have to expect that the company will remain in startup mode for several years.

7K Metals: How does it work?

7K Metals is an online company that manufactures specialty metal products. Metal manufacturing is a specialized process, and 7K Metals ensures all its products meet the highest quality standards. The company primarily sells to distributors and converters of metals and alloys, and customers include equipment manufacturers, fabricators, and construction companies. 7K Metals is a crypto mining venture that prefers new and novel ways to mine cryptocurrency.

7K Metals tries to eliminate that problem by serving as a middleman between buyers and purveyors of precious metals, allowing the buyers to buy at wholesale prices and offering a commission only if the buyer sells the material for more than they paid. The 7K Metals trading platform provides investors with secure, personalized access to the safest and most liquid precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Investors of all levels can enjoy the liquidity, flexibility, and tax benefits that owning precious metals can bring.

7K Metals: Founder

7K Metals founder – metal leader and CEO of American Manganese Company, Michael McDonough, describes how he sees his company. He shares how he wants to provide people with more choices. He explains that through his company, he wants to provide people with metal and batteries. He plans to do this by breaking down the barriers to metal and freeing the minerals from the earth, and putting them back in the hands of consumers. He explains that 7K Metals is a breakthrough company. He wants to enrich people’s lives by giving them the power and choice to use metal in their own products.

The 7K family of metals offers 100% full transparency with their supply chain. The 7K family of metals offers the opportunity to participate from the earliest stages of mining to production. The 7K family of metals offers the opportunity to hold your metals in a completely secure and private vault or to send them directly to a jeweler or an investor. The 7K family of metals offers the opportunity to profit from the precious metals cycle.

7K Metals Pros

Each employee and director of 7K Metals is a trusted professional with years of experience in the industry. Workers and partners alike are devoted to their work, and they create solutions that benefit a broad spectrum of clients every day.

7K Metals leverages its deep technical expertise to value, manage, and advise the SmallCapMiner (SMM) portfolio. 7K Metals has delivered strong investment returns since its founding in 2017 and is well placed to capitalize on further opportunities.

7K Metals Con

7K Metals Con” is an event about cryptocurrencies. The event will be held from October 12 to October 13, 2021, at 7K Metals Co., Inc. in New York City. The event is expected to draw hundreds of high-level investors, funds, and crypto enthusiasts. The agenda will include discussions on mining farms, blockchain apps, and crypto investing.

Even though 7K Metals hasn’t produced any precious metals, it looks like they are on the right track. They have managed to get all of their staff together and work out a day-to-day plan. They also hired an expert business consultant to ensure everything was running smoothly. They have hired a new chief engineer to replace the previous one that quit after about 3 months of work. They are also looking into getting more investors to help fund the project. They are looking at ways to explore goldmines on previously unexplored African land.

This is the product for you if you want to get your money’s worth. 7K Metals was founded in 2005 and specialized in the import, export, and wholesale of gold and silver, as well as copper, zinc, and processed minerals. With 11,000 items from all around the globe, 7K Metals has a great selection of products at prices that can’t be beaten.

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