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Let’s take the opportunity to ensure your financial future with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and its 401k plan, tailored for each individual investor’s needs. In this blog post we will discuss some of the great features that make their platform an ideal choice when it comes to handling retirement savings.

The online system offered by Nationwide is user-friendly, while also providing top security measures at all times so you can safely monitor progress and alter accounts as desired. Let us look into what makes a 401 k account from them stand out in order to help reach those long term investment goals effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company provides 401(k) plans with tailored benefits and investment options.
  • Online Account Access & Registration allows users to manage investments, track performance, and access account features easily.
  • Nationwide offers reliable customer support with office locations for personalized assistance in maximizing retirement savings.

Understanding Your 401(k) with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company


Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company has a range of 401(k) plans that offer security and protection thanks to its service marks. Through Nationwide, you have the opportunity to gain access to unique features tailored towards meeting your retirement planning goals, such as assistance in setting up and managing accounts for employees with diverse investment needs, resources on how much should be contributed, and potential tax incentives. Plus an array of different investment options accompanied by guidance. Ultimately, these benefits can provide positive long-term results for personal financial stability.

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Key Features

With Nationwide’s 401(k)s, account access is easy and provides a range of services like balance checks or tracking contributions. Investment options include capital preservation funds, bonds, as well as renowned brand investment products. Tailored advice from experienced specialists to determine an ideal retirement plan according to individual financial objectives is also available at Nationwide.

Benefits of Choosing Nationwide

For 90 years, Nationwide has provided reliable financial services and 401(k) plans with competitive fees. They strive to provide customers with support in making smart decisions concerning their retirement plan through access to investments, recordkeeping assistance, as well as offering educational guidance. As a bonus benefit, they present the Group Retirement Series from Nationwide Life Insurance Company featuring fixed and variable unregistered group annuities. All of this is offered together for lasting effects on your future finances.

Online Account Access & Registration

At Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, managing your 401(k) investments and tracking performance to meet financial goals is made easy through the convenience of online account access. You can get a quick start by registering with just some basic information such as creating a username and password. Thereafter, you can log in whenever needed for balance checks or contributions into your retirement plan. This platform also offers features related specifically to this type of investment along with options for personal/commercial insurance products, estates and trusts, corporate assets, etc. All that combined makes it an ideal option when considering where to invest!

Registering for an Account

To sign up for a 401(k) with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, you’ll need to submit your personal information such as name, birthday, Social Security number, and contact info to details regarding the company you work at. To do this simply head over to their website where you will find directions for registering under retirement plans section then fill out the application. Upon successful registration of an account from Nationwide Mutuals’ end, you get online access to managing your security savings on the provided page interface.

Logging In & Navigating Your Account

Signing in to your Nationwide 401(k) account is simple – simply go to the Nationwide website, select ‘Log In’ and enter in your username along with password. Then you’ll be granted access to a personalized dashboard of all relevant retirement plan data so that adjustments can easily be made from one convenient place.

This enables complete oversight over investment options for maximum control towards achieving financial goals down the road.

Managing Your 401(k) Investments with Nationwide

nationwide retirement plans


Nationwide provides a number of investment options for your 401(k) plan, giving you the ability to customize it in accordance with what meets your needs and objectives. From stocks and bonds to cash equivalents as well as mutual funds, this portfolio diversification will help ensure that you are maximizing potential returns based on how much risk is right for you.

It is essential that monitoring occurs regularly so progress toward retirement goals can be monitored properly. Nationwide offers various tools such as annual reviews of preferences or updates through their Paycheck Impact Calculator, Investment Options webpage or My Interactive Retirement Planner which allows users access 24/7 from anywhere at any time ensuring adequate oversight takes place all year round without interruption due to external circumstances.

Investment Options

Nationwide’s 401(k) plans provide a wide array of investments, including mutual funds that span multiple investment styles and asset classes, stocks which give ownership in an organization with potentially great returns though more hazardous than other options, bonds are debt instruments issued by governments or businesses providing regular payouts while considered relatively safe investments. Cash equivalents offer quick liquidity but carry low risk.

Investing through these different vehicles diversifies your portfolio to help you manage associated risks better. Mutual funds draw resources from various investors who can benefit from professional management as well as broadened diversity via the fund’s assets.

Tracking Performance & Adjusting Preferences

Nationwide offers a secure platform to manage and access your 401(k) investments. With this, you can keep track of investment performance with ease and make adjustments as required for retirement goals. All accounts have multi-factor authentication, ensuring only the rightful owner has access after signing in to verify their identity.

The online platform makes it simple to check account balance and contributions while giving users control over preferences when needed too. Nationwide encourages people to work confidently towards financial freedom by offering tools that allow better management of funds invested into retirement plans.

Security Measures & Browser Compatibility

Nationwide is committed to securing user accounts, employing encryption such as SSL/TLS so that private data like Social Security numbers and passwords stay secret. To verify account access before allowing the use of 401(k) programs online, they also require multi-factor authentication, a measure which prevents potential frauds from getting retirement distributions.

For maximum accessibility on their digital platform, Chrome, Firefox & Microsoft Edge are supported by Nationwide. Internet Explorer will no longer be an option for users.

Protecting Your Account

Securing your Nationwide 401(k) account requires creating a strong, complex password with upper and lowercase characters, symbols and numbers at least 12 characters long. Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of protection to restrict unauthorized access to the fund.

To protect personal information Nationwide utilizes SSL/TLS encryption for maximum security along with best practices when forming passwords, like regularly changing it, which ultimately protects retirement savings.

Browser Requirements

Nationwide’s online 401(k) platform requires the use of a compatible browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (not Internet Explorer). This guarantees that users can smoothly access their accounts and manage their investments no matter what device they are on. Doing so enables them to stay abreast of retirement planning decisions quickly and accurately.

Contacting Nationwide for Support

Nationwide offers comprehensive customer support for those in need of help with their 401(k) accounts. Assistance is available through multiple outlets, such as phone, email and live chat. The team operates from 8am to 11pm ET every day so assistance can always be accessed. For individuals looking for face-to-face advice or aid, Nationwide has offices located in Columbus OH., Des Moines IA., and San Antonio TX which offer personalized financial guidance when needed most. If you are unsure about entrusting your retirement savings to them, then just head down to One Nationwide Plaza Columbus – a commitment by Nationwide that ensures exceptional service!

Customer Service

At Nationwide, customer service is a priority. By calling 1-877-669-6877 or through email and live chat on the website, you can receive assistance with any inquiries regarding your 401(k) account. Multilingual representatives are available for those who prefer to communicate in their native language. The marks of excellence granted to them Demonstrate how dedicated they are when it comes to meeting customers’ needs and providing quality services.

Office Locations

At Nationwide, a variety of in-person support options are offered to ensure that you can reach your financial goals. Our Office One and Columbus OH Plaza locations provide tailored help from experienced professionals for 401(k) accounts. Our Des Moines Iowa and San Antonio Texas offices are there when customers need personal assistance with their retirement savings plan.

Nationwide is committed to providing quality service so every customer has the resources they require – whether it’s online or over the phone. We have them covered with reliable advice and guidance for achieving success!


With Nationwide, you have access to a tailored retirement savings plan that is designed for your individual needs and objectives. With the convenience of an online platform full of versatile investment options along with excellent customer service, plus their reputation as a trusted financial institution, choosing this 401(k) solution will give you peace-of-mind knowing your future finances are in good hands.

Take control now and begin planning out the life after work that meets all expectations. Make use of what’s provided so informed decisions can be made confidently about saving up long term. Let Nationwide accompany you throughout this journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does nationwide 401k work?

Nationwide 401k enables employees to save for their future by allowing them to put aside a portion of their income prior to taxes being withdrawn. Funds saved are placed into investments selected in accordance with retirement objectives and risk tolerance, offering an avenue through which individuals can accumulate wealth for use during later life stages.

How do I contact nationwide 401k?

For sales related queries, please call 1-888-262-401k and select option 2. If you require customer service assistance, contact us at 1-888-867 – 5175.

Can I take my 401k anywhere?

When changing employers, you have the option to move your 401(k) funds into an IRA or a new employer’s plan without incurring any penalties. If taking distributions before reaching 59 1/2 years of age, there could be taxes that must be paid.

Does nationwide have a retirement plan?

After being a Nationwide customer for at least one year, individuals can access the Retirement Resource Group and its associated funds via their specialized services. These include specialists and counselors to provide assistance on sales or service inquiries with contacts of 1-888-262-401k (option 2) or 1-888-867-5175.

What type of investment is Nationwide?

Nationwide is a renowned asset management firm that provides a variety of investments, such as fee-based managed accounts which put together tailored retirement plans and also growth or income funds for sustained returns. These offerings are expertly focused on asset allocation & subadvised mutual fund opportunities to ensure your long-term goals get met.

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