1st National Reserve Review 2023: Scam Risk or Safe?

Selecting an established and registered precious metals dealer is of the utmost importance because it is necessary to both diversify your investment portfolio and create a well-thought-out retirement plan. The company’s track record, domain knowledge, and dedication to open dealings are all carefully taken into account during the selection process. Making informed decisions and guaranteeing that precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are a part of your overall investment plan can be significantly easier with the guidance of a company like this. Your financial security is increased by this tactical diversification, which also provides stability over the long term. As a result, meticulously evaluating a prospective investing partner is a vital first step in protecting your financial future.

Consider 1st National Reserve if you’re an investor looking online for a precious metals dealer who can meet your specific requirements.

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What exactly is 1st National Reserve?

1st National Reserve, established in Beaumont, Texas, is a prominent dealer in precious metals. Because of a broad range of premium gold, silver, and rare coin choices, this organization is highly valued by investors.

The gold and rare coin specialist has over forty years of experience, and in along to possessing an enormous amount of knowledge, he has presented seminars on grading services. Dealers are able to present investors with the purest gold coins obtainable due to their vast inventory.

The collective experience of the numismatic experts at the 1st National Reserve exceeds 50 years. The company’s specialization lies in certified and rare coins. While both precious metals dealers offer similar gold coins and bars, what sets them apart are the investment options they present to clients.

An encouraging aspect for investors is that, apart from being an exceptional source of precious metals, 1st National Reserve stands out as a premier market for over 100,000 clients across the nation.

Distinguishing itself from many other precious metals dealers, 1st National Reserve boasts professional numismatic experts who actively participate in major coin collector conventions and auctions. Investors save time as well as money on travel via this smart and proactive involvement.

1st National Reserve Ratings

The feedback regarding the 1st National Reserve has been consistently positive. Investors have praised the company for its wise trading strategies and easy interactions with customers.

Investors are particularly pleased with the noteworthy profits achievable through minimal investments. For collectors seeking rare coins at competitive prices and swift shipping, 1st National Reserve stands out as an exceptional resource.

Financial experts regularly advise opting for investments in gold and other precious metals over traditional stocks and bonds.

Before settling on a precious metals dealer, it’s crucial to consider whether there are any cautionary signs or negative appraisals. The efficacy of a precious metals dealer can be gauged by assessing consumer group ratings.

Investors usually remark on items being dispatched and serviced quickly, as well as the outstanding client service. The highly qualified staff of the firm is commended for its urgency in answering concerns before they make investment decisions.

Exploring Financing Opportunities with 1st National Reserve

Engaging in investment activities with 1st National Reserve couldn’t be simpler—visiting the company’s website is all it takes. The process is further streamlined by creating an online account. Doing so not only facilitates the procedure but also grants access to exclusive promotions and special email offers available solely to registered clients.

The organization accepts deals involving these precious metals and coins to open new accounts in addition to buying gold, silver, and platinum from consumers.

Essential Insights into Precious Metals

Among all the precious metals, gold stands out as the most resilient and integral to global monetary systems. It serves not only in manufacturing but also prominently as a form of currency and a foundation for crafting exquisite jewelry.

The appealing qualities of precious metals sit in their ability to hold their value irrespective of periods of economic recession or political unrest, making them a popular investment choice. People looking to diversify their investment portfolios like gold bullion in particular.

Since 1986, each American Gold Eagle coin has been minted from domestically mined gold in the United States, backed by guarantees of purity, content, and weight.

American Gold Eagle Coins have been authorized by the U.S. Congress to enable coin collectors and gold investors to incorporate gold products into their investment portfolios without requiring substantial capital.

Platinum, prized for its wide application in the automotive sector, is greatly influenced by the political atmosphere in the countries where it’s mined, with Russia and South Africa being the primary sources.

Payment Options Offered by the Company

1st National Reserve presents a range of payment choices for investors. Existing coins, gold, platinum, or silver can be traded as payment for new acquisitions from the 1st National Reserve. For orders under $1,000, credit card payments are accepted.

Credit and debit card transactions are typically subject to daily purchase limits imposed by financial institutions. However, investors seeking to use credit cards for initial investments exceeding $1,000 must obtain approval from the company.

Accepted forms of payment by 1st National Reserve include PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards. Personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, and wire transfers are further alternatives.

Cashier’s or personal checks, wire transfers, money orders, or payments made for gold, silver, platinum, or coins typically cause transactions to be held for 10 to 15 business days after payment is received.

A 3.85 percent discount is available to investors who settle their payments through cashier’s checks, personal checks, wire transfers, or money orders. However, phone or credit card orders are not eligible for this discount.

Investors are recommended to speak with a corporate representative for particular information as the discount may apply to special promotional offerings.

Learning Resources for Beginning and Expert Investors

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the investment game for a while, 1st National Reserve provides a wealth of educational resources to cater to your needs.

Valuable Learning Resources Offered by 1st National Reserve

An outstanding attribute of the 1st National Reserve is its extensive array of educational materials. 1st National Reserve offers an extensive range of educational resources, spanning books, films, essays, and newsletters. These valuable materials are enriched by the expertise and analysis of a preeminent figure in the realm of rare and valuable gold and silver coins within the nation.

Many of these educational resources are made available to investors at no cost. These cover topics like the dynamics of the gold market, evaluations of gold and silver coins, and economic issues that affect investors.

1st National Reserve’s recommendations for constructing a Gold Expert Advantage Portfolio revolve around rare coins that have consistently demonstrated strong performance over the past five decades. Remarkably, some of these coins have surpassed expectations, appreciating more than 100 times within that time frame, exemplifying the potential for a staggering return exceeding 9,088 percent.

Statistical records indicate that gold bullion has outperformed major indices like the Standard & Poor’s, Dow, and NASDAQ over the previous two decades. The 1st National Review endorses the inclusion of Gold and Silver American Eagles in your investment portfolio, highlighting their status as official U.S. Mint coins crafted from domestically sourced gold and guaranteed by the U.S. Government.

Credentials of 1st National Reserve’s Expert

The eminent numismatic consultant at 1st National Reserve, Dr. Michael Fuljenz, has won more than 60 honorary honors for his accomplishments in the field and his efforts to inform the public about rare coins and precious metals.

Organizations like Catholic Charities, the Press Club of Southeast Texas, and the Numismatic Literary Guild have recognized Dr. Fuljenz’s accomplishments.

Among his numerous accolades are:

American Numismatic Association Medal of Merit

American Numismatic Association’s Presidential Service Award

NLG Investment Book of the Year Award: Type II Double Eagles: 1866-1876

NLG Best Television Report: CNBC’s Money Talk

NLG Best Television Report: CNBC’s Smart Money

Is 1st National Reserve Legitimate?

Absolutely, the 1st National Reserve is a legitimate entity. For over forty years, the esteemed Beaumont, Texas-headquartered organization has been dedicated to delivering outstanding investor services. Leveraging extensive industry experience and an expansive network, the organization has forged robust partnerships with premier gold and silver coin trading platforms and bullion markets.

In addition to its advisory services, 1st National Reserve delivers a comprehensive suite of indispensable offerings within the precious metals domain including the American silver eagle coins. Their activities include purchasing and selling bullion and valuable gold coins as well as helping clients open precious metal Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

One noteworthy connection to the 1st National Reserve is its business alliance with The Saturday Evening Post.

Distinctive Attributes of 1st National Reserve

When you engage in purchasing gold, silver, or rare coins from 1st National Reserve, the price you secure is locked at the moment of purchase. For phone orders, substantial orders, or specialized requests, the price is locked upon receipt of payment.

In the case of online purchases from the 1st National Reserve shop, the price remains locked for a period of five business days from the order placement date. Cancellation of the order is possible unless payment is received within this timeframe. The customer service department is always available to help you.

Final Thoughts

National Reserve is a well-established precious metals company dealer situated in Beaumont, Texas. At First National Reserve, they stand as a prominent provider of holistic solutions designed to simplify the acquisition, sale, and exchange of a diverse range of precious assets, encompassing rare coins, silver, and gold. With seasoned expertise, they excel in orchestrating smooth transactions that cater to both experienced and beginner investors. They present a budget-friendly approach for newcomers to enhance their portfolios with precious metals, all while receiving unparalleled service and assistance. Rely on this firm to guide you toward your investment aspirations with unwavering confidence and effortless ease.

The process does not require a minimum investment, and a variety of payment options are at your disposal.

Numerous experts specializing in precious metals recommend that investors allocate between 5 and 25 percent of their portfolios to real gold.

Opting to invest in gold presents a prudent strategy to shield oneself during periods of economic volatility and a fluctuating stock market. Gold prices tend to remain robust when traditional investments like stocks and bonds experience a decline.


  1. What types of coins does 1st National Reserve specialize in?

1st National Reserve’s specialization lies in the realm of certified and rare coins, featuring esteemed precious metals such as gold and silver. Their expertise spans a wide gamut of numismatic offerings, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of the intricate world of collectible coins and valuable precious metals.

  1. How can I get started with precious metal investments through 1st National Reserve?

Embarking on your path to precious metal investments starts with a visit to the company website. At that juncture, you’ll find yourself presented with the chance to explore a diverse assortment of certified and rare coins, intermingled with other valuable alternatives. Moreover, you can readily access details regarding their Gold IRA services, which furnish a tactical pathway to secure your financial horizons. They have responsive customer service line.

  1. Is 1st National Reserve accredited by any reputable organizations?

The Better Business Bureau has given 1st National Reserve an A+ rating, a sign of their dedication to quality and client happiness. Their dependability in the market for precious metals is strengthened by this recognition.

  1. Are the coins offered by 1st National Reserve similar to common bullion coins?

While there may be some parallels between the two types of coins, the 1st National Reserve’s priority is giving investors access to priceless gold and silver, including rare United States coins. These verified and rarest coins differ from conventional bullion coins like the Australian Gold Kangaroo in that they frequently have distinctive historical and numismatic importance.

For more information on how to leverage these precious assets, tap into 1st National Reserve’s expertise and extensive nationwide numismatics trading networks.

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